Embedded security by design.

Security is a process

We help creators of intelligent connected devices to design, implement and operate their systems with a sustainable security level.

Considering security aspects of any man-made system should be an habit. We enforce it since its definition, to design, implementation, during deployment till end of use.

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Why choose our
“Security Pattern”?

Our combined experience of 35 years have seen us working in security and crypto for microcontrollers, smartcards, automotive, wireless connectivity, ASIC.

We are active participants in the cryptographic research community and we are part of standardization bodies such as Bluetooth, IEEE and various consortia.
Moreover Guido is co-author of the NIST SHA-3 algorithm.

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We bring strong
Security to your
IoT system

As we connect more devices we need to design-in enough protection to secure them against emerging threats.
That’s why we developed a comprehensive suite based on state-of-the-art technologies that brings strong security in your IoT Systems.

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