Cybersecurity consultancy

We are a dedicated team of professionals with solid expertise in the fields of cybersecurity, cryptography, microprocessors, security protocols, security certification, and more!

We are particularly strong in cybersecurity applied to embedded systems.

We tailor our consultancy services to your needs, whether you are developing a new product or already deployed it onto the market. Get in touch to discuss your needs and define your project.

Past security consultancy activities include: documentation reviews, architecture reviews, pen testing, firmware development and vulnerability monitoring.

Background & experience

• We have 80+ years of experience in the Semiconductor industry: security and crypto for microcontrollers, smartcards, automotive, wireless connectivity, ASIC...

• We are actively participating in the cryptographic research community

• Our core team has published 50+ scientific papers

• Our CEO is co-author of the NIST SHA-3 algorithm

• We are the first italian Cybersecurity company that have obtained the IEC 62443-4-1:2018 Standard Certification

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