Security Update and Monitoring (SUM)

SUM is a vulnerability management service for IoT devices. SUM helps you to keep your IoT device secure during its entire lifecycle.

The IoT lifecycle is generally 10+ years. During this time vulnerabilities should be continuously monitored to keep the device secure.

It's not a matter if the device becomes vulnerable, but when.

SUM is used by

• Device manufacturers
• Tier 1
• Tier 2
• System integrators

In the field of

Building automation



Production lines

Smart cities


Over 50 new vulnerabilities are reported each day.
It's challenging to keep track of so many vulnerabilities. And how do you know they apply to your product? SUM is solving this problem by continuously monitoring vulnerabilities and only reporting vulnerabilities relevant for your device.

Accurate Results

We monitor all device components: software, hardware, protocols and interfaces.

Prompt Action

Find the vulnerability before a hacker does.


Satisfy requirements from standards and regulations in your industry
 (MDR (EU) 2017/745, ISO/SAE 21434, IEC 62443, ETSI 303 645, UL2900 - many more...)


Improve the quality of your internal processes by adopting vulnerability monitoring, thereby keeping your products secure


Show your customers or ecosystem that you implement vulnerability management with SUM to gain trust

How SUM works


Device Model Creation

Together we set up SUM by identifying all components of your device (sw, hw, protocols and interfaces).


First Report

We carry out our scans with our proprietary technology and create a pdf report.



During a call we go over the results and make adaptations where applicable.


Succeeding reports

You decide the frequency in which you would like to receive updated reports (e.g. monthly, bi-weekly, etc).


Continuous support

We are here to support you.

Additional services

PEN TESTING on specific vulnerabilities

CONSULTANCY on specific vulnerabilities

We are flexible

Have any specific wishes? We're happy to discuss!

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