What we do

We help creators of smart and connected devices (in the field of automotive, home automation, industrial and medical) to design, develop and operate their systems with the proper level of protection and to keep them protected over time.

The object of our activity is the “system”, which can be either a single device, a piece of equipment composed of several interconnected devices, or an ecosystem that includes embedded devices, mobile apps and the cloud.

By the term protection, we mean the mitigation of the risk that threats materialize through the exploitation of vulnerabilities related to electronic systems. Namely, this is accomplished by protecting:

• The Firmware that is executed on the embedded systems;
• The communication between entities belonging to the system;
• Access to system functionalities;
• Keys that are needed for the operation of the system.

Security is a process

No single component is capable of addressing all security problems: security is a blend of HW, SW and procedures designed and combined to ensure the highest level and to resist future threats still unknown.


Study the security requirements of the device, system, task

We take into consideration and analyze every aspect of the device / system / task: communication between entities, authentication of entities within a system, creation and management of keys and storage of sensitive data.


Identify vulnerabilities and assess their impact

We help creators gauge their devices, systems and activities in order to identify relevant assets and the possible threats they are exposed to.


Propose countermeasures suited to the specific context

We propose to architects and designers possible countermeasures and we define together the security requirements suitable to their systems’ specific context.


Develop the elements necessary to fulfill the security requirements

We either directly implement countermeasures or we provide developers with references, prototypes, IPs necessary for state-of-the-art implementation of the requirements.


Manage and maintain elements that support security on behalf of customers

Security spans the entire life of the device, because what is secure today might be broken tomorrow. Every aspect of a device / system / task must be constantly monitored and updated to resist new threats.


Educate about the security of connected devices

The dissemination of the culture of security in general is essential to promote our activity. We provide introductory courses that are useful for designers and developers; specific trainings on security-related topics are available.

Our key competencies

System Security

Analysis of system assets and definition of system level requirements for the entire life cycle of the product/service

Device specification

Orchestration of all the security ingredients of an embedded system: microcontroller, secure element, communication modules...


Selection and implementation and usage of cryptographic algorithms for embedded systems

Board level protection

Know-how on state of the art attacks and development of effective countermeasures


Analysis, definition and usage of security protocols for protecting communication channels


Methodologies and tools to evaluate and guarantee the robustness of the solutions devised. Support for certification

Past Projects, Consulting and Training Activities

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